Successful maintenance programs can reduce occupancy costs and the impact of expensive reactive and emergency repairs. Rytons team of professionals can assess your estate and along with producing a comprehensive asset register, write a bespoke Pre Planned Maintenance Schedule to effectively manage your estate portfolio and ensure its assets; equipment and machinery stay in a well-maintained condition.
Rytons PPM schedules are delivered in a user-friendly MS Excel format. Often, PPM software requires comprehensive training of all operatives to allow successful usage which can lead to the software not being fully utilised or understood.
Rytons have provided bespoke Pre-Planned Maintenance Schedules for a diverse portfolio of clients across multiple sectors including;

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing

Rytons user friendly outputs provide a comprehensive tool for estates and facilities managers.
Rytons understand that all organisations have a different approach to estates management and maintenance. Rytons will work with your delivery project team to create a bespoke output which is tailored to your approach and ensure service users are engaged. This results in a comprehensive Asset Register linked with recognised PPM tasks to an agreed maintenance regime.
Rytons PPM Schedules enable efficient maintenance systems for your business; we can also provide a service on validation and verification of maintenance tasks and frequency, in already existing registers and PPM Schedules.

Rytons Methodology

  • Appraise and analyse existing maintenance systems and approach
  • Identify client requirements
  • Advise on asset hierarchy, categories and relationships
  • Collate relevant statutory documentation for all assets
  • Industry standard naming conventions to be utilised
  • Create bespoke PPM output in either MS Excel Spreadsheet or FM database.
  • All PPM tasks to be in accordance with SFG20
  • Appraise the condition and remaining life of each individual asset.
  • Assess manufactures instructions and incorporate into PPM schedule
  • Produce PPM tasks for each asset
  • Incorporate all statutory checks into PPM schedules
  • Expenditure and PPM tasks can be tracked allowing reports to be produced.
  • Advise on cost of implementing each task and overall PPM Schedule for budget planning purposes.
  • Rytons can also offer a service to manage the Asset Register and PPM Schedules on an ongoing basis – reviewing any removals, replacements or new additions.

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